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South Africa's

Angel of Song

“Zaria is the real deal.”

Terry McBride, Producer - Sarah McLachlan

“Absolutely captivating.”


“One of the most beautiful songs you will hear all year [Music of the Sun]”

Stephen Segerman,

“Try it, angels sing like that.”

“Resident champion of Ethereal Rock”

The Sun, Cape Town

“Indescribable... she has the ability to use her quirkiness and humour to pull on your heartstrings.”

The Daily Voice, Cape Town

“Zaria is a powerful newcomer to the music scene. Her voice is hauntingly beautiful and her stage presence holds the attention.”

Cape Town Today


Dreams, 2003

Far Away, 2004

Wonder Jy, 2004

Someday 2007, with the band, Firefly

In the Garden, 2008

Floating, 2013

The Roundabout, 2017

Reën in die Kaap, 2019

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